Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hindus Ceremonial of Nyepi Day

Bali will celebrate the first day of Saka Year 1930 in the Year 2008 on March 7th. Just like every Nyepi Day in the past, every gate including airport will be closed to celebrate the only perhaps in the world “Day of Silence”.

The Balinese Hindu believes that before entering the new year we should in the state of meditation for self introspections and to achieve this should be supported by a silence environment. Not only meditation but it should also devout through fasting all day and no movement outside the house compound, and to switch off fire or light for 24 hours (00.01am - 00.01am next day). A group of local security force (in every village) or “pecalang” will make sure no one out to the road and patrol all day and only permit vehicle for emergency situation.

This silence condition also will have to be supported by everyone who lives and stay in the island including tourist.

A special celebration a day before the Nyepi Day is the Ogoh-Ogoh parade. The Ogoh-Ogoh is a big puppet in the form of moster, the symbol of evil. This ceremony is to purify the villages from the evil spirit for the starting year of Saka. There are, however some people use this ceremony with alcohol drink all night which will be either a hard day for the Police to give maximum security for the community. From:

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