Sunday, December 19, 2010

Buffalo Sate Nusantara in Indonesia

One of the typical culinary Kudus city, in addition to the Kudus Soto, Lentog, porridge, rice is the Satay Pindang Buffalo. I do not know if in other areas there sate using buffalo meat. Buffalo Sate of this archipelago is one of the famous satay seller in Ghost, the seller is a second generation of the legendary buffalo satay seller in the Kudus of Buffalo Satay Pak Jastro. Why the name change, because the Satay Jastro name is still used by the second wife of the pack this Jastro.
satay kerbauActually, this buffalo satay skewers are not as commonly used raw meat that were burned, but the meat like beef jerky made in advance of crushed and seasoned and cooked first, then in put on the satay.