Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cookies Catching in France

This photo is from a “fancy” bakery’s window display in Wimereux, a dingy yet upscale beach town in the north of France - because cookies are starting to pop up here and there. It’s disorienting. Why? While these are cute, they aren’t necessarily enticing and who would choose cookies over French pastries…which RULE?

Not knocking cookies. It’s just that I can just make any ole cookie at home, and we are in France afterall and France has amazing pastries! Why buy a cookie when you can get a Paris Brest or Mille feuille or Tarte au n’importe quoi or Mousse au chocolat or lots of other mouth watering delicate pastries? Cookies, no matter how tasty, just seem so basic. I guess they’re la tendance / the trend - and trendy things seem better. But they aren’t. Necessarily.

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